Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Donors Choose

School has about started in most towns across the country, now. 

Several of my friends and people I went to high school with (or their spouses) are teachers now. I live by the words "those who have the ability to help, have the responsibility to help." I may not be a teacher, but I can help those who are, especially those in underprivileged communities. That's why I'm a regular donor on

Projects I've supported on Donors Choose over the years have included many projects to build classroom libraries, air conditioning units for classrooms in schools that lack AC, basic school supplies such as paper and pencils, and a trip to a bookstore 70-80 miles away from a Native American reservation in South Dakota so that the elementary schoolers could experience what it is like to go to a bookstore and pick out a book of their own.

While you are shopping for school supplies this year or reveling in the fact that you no longer have to, consider supporting a classroom in one of the 50 states and DC.

Friday, August 10, 2018

We need to talk

I posted my Woodbridge scarf on Ravelry last night. I had a promotion going where the pattern would be free for some time of my choosing. I shortened the timeframe from a few days to ending today at noon.

Since the promotion ended, I have received a good number of hateful messages on Ravelry about ending the promotion early.

This behavior from fellow Ravelers is not acceptable. It is not okay to shame or guilt a designer for what they decide to do with their pattern.

I have every right to do what I wish with a promotion I put on my own pattern. I updated every place where I had placed the promotion end date (including on the pattern's page itself). I am not responsible for forum posts that may have had the old end date and were never updated.

One more thing. This is from the Lovin' the Freebies group on Ravelry on their discussion board about temporarily free patterns. Note the highlighted part.

I'm sorry if some people who wanted my pattern missed the promotion. My pattern is still available. It just costs $4 now.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Woodbridge Scarf

My first fingering weight crocheted scarf is now available! Everyone, meet my Woodbridge Scarf.

I see so many knitted fingering weight, elongated triangle scarves that I wondered why there aren't more crocheted ones. Well, I'm trying to fill that void. This is the first of many fingering weight crocheted scarves for me. I love this one so much. I love how it turned out and how the colors go so well together.

Here are the details about the scarf:

Yarn: Fingering weight

MC (brown) - A little more than 420 yds (I ran out of my first skein [of 420 yds] halfway through the final color block)
CCA (silver) - 400 yds (minimum, depending on your gauge)
CCB (green) - 400 yds (minimum, depending on your gauge)

I specifically used Shalimar Aerie yarn in colorways Waterchestnut (brown), Chandelier (silver), and Lean on Me (green).

Hook: E (3.5 mm)

If you would like to make a Woodbridge Scarf for yourself or a special someone, here is the link to the pattern on Ravelry: 

Ravelry Woodbridge Scarf Pattern

Craftsy Woodbridge Scarf Pattern


Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Dragonfly Fibers Yarn Unboxing

Hi everyone!

I have a new video out today, where I unboxed a recent shipment of Dragonfly Fibers yarn. Hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Youtube and Instagram

Hi y'all!

I'm trying something new. I just started a new Youtube channel: A Girl and Her Yarn.

I'm going to be posting videos about yarn hauls and unboxing (for online purchases), crochet tutorials, patterns, work that is currently in progress, and fiber events.

Below is my first video. Check it out!

In addition to the youtube channel, I've started an Instagram page just for this blog, also called A Girl and Her Yarn. You can also follow my personal Instagram page, TimeWasJustADream, but that will have much more varied content than the yarn Instagram page.

Posts might be somewhat irregular, but I will make every attempt I can to try to get something out as regularly as I can. That being said, Instagram will likely be much more regular than the Youtube.

Like and subscribe and all that! :D


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Copy.Cat C.C (Colorado Chick) Beanie

I'm knitting more lately than crocheting. One of the latest hats I've made has been the Copy.Cat C.C (Colorado Chick) Beanie by Clementine Knits. It's a fun and easy pattern, especially for beginning knitters.

I modified the pattern somewhat. I originally started out making a different hat, but abandoned that one. Here's what I did:

I used US 6 needles for the K1P1 rim. I also only did this for 2 inches and did not fold it over. I didn't do a provisional cast on so I couldn't do this step. I switched to US 8 needles to do the rest of the hat. Also, instead of doing a K1P1 rib in between the purl only bands, I did a K1P1 seed stitch band.

I think it turned out nice. :)