Sunday, February 17, 2019

Two Tone Ribbed Winter Hat Pattern and Tutorial

About a month ago, I received an anonymous comment on my original Ribbed Winter Hat pattern asking how one would go about making the brim (the folded up part) a different color than the rest of the hat. I gave a written reply, but I don't know that it was the best I could have done. I decided to make a video tutorial for how to make a two tone Ribbed Winter Hat. 

  • Worsted weight yarn 
  • K hook (However, depending on the yarn, sometimes the top of the hat [the part in the round] becomes rather open between stitches. If this occurs, switch to a smaller hook, like an I or H.)
The video below is probably the best way to work this pattern. If you would like an accompanying written pattern, it is below the video.

Feel free to let me know if anything is not clear. I don't mind revisiting the content of the video or the written pattern to clarify things. 

Link to Ravelry

  • Ch - chain
  • Sc - single crochet
  • st/sts - stitch/stitches
  • sc2tog - single crochet 2 together
  • BC - brim color
  • MC - main color
  • BLO - back loops only

Row 1. Chain 10 in BC. Drop BC. Join MC. Ch 26. (36 ch sts total)

Row 2. Using MC, sc in second ch from hook. Sc across to last MC ch. Sc half a stitch (i.e. don't complete the stitch with the last "yarn over and pull through"). Drop MC. Complete the stitch with the BC (i.e. the last yarn over and pull through). Sc to end using BC. Ch 1. Turn.

Row 3. Using BC, sc across in BLO to last BC st. Just like in Row 2, sc half a stitch in the last BC st. Drop BC. Complete the stitch using MC. Sc to end in BLO. Ch 1. Turn.

Row 4. Using MC, sc across in BLO to last MC st. Just like in Row 2, sc half a stitch in the last MC st. Drop MC. Complete the stitch using BC. Sc to end in BLO. Ch 1. Turn.

Repeat Rows 3-4 until you have 61 sc rows total. End with ch 1. (Note: check the hat at this point by wrapping it around your head. The ch row should touch the last sc row. You may need more or less rows to accomplish this. Make sure you end on an odd number of sc rows.)

Fold the piece in half so that the first ch row is next to the last row. Slip st together each st of the first row and the last row starting with the BC. When you get to the last BC st of the last sc row, sl st this using the MC. Continue using MC for the remainder of the hat. Ch 1 at the end.

Sc across the top of the piece in every other row. Do not join to ch st or first sc.

*Sc2tog in next 2 st, sc in next 2 sts. Repeat from * around until there are 12 sts left.

Sc2tog six times.

Fasten off. Weave yarn through last 6 stitches and pull tight to close the top of the hat. Weave in ends.

Monday, January 21, 2019

1800s Hat-Scarf (Crocheted Version)

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited this is finally done! I've been working on this since July 2018. I'm so happy with how it turned out after doing three versions of it.

I now introduce you to......the crocheted 1800s Hat-Scarf!

This is my version of a one-piece hat-scarf based on the hat-scarf worn by 19th century Frenchman Charles-Marie-Étienne Champion Dubois de Nansouty (image from Wikipedia). He was a military man turned mountaineer who lived from 1815-1895. I discovered his picture at an event hosted by the National Park Service in Maryland at the Monocacy Civil War Battlefield in Frederick. I immediately knew I had to recreate his hat-scarf.
Champion Dubois de Nansouty
The yarn I used is: 
Lion Brand Yarn Fishermen’s Wool, Natural (MC) – 2 skeins, 930 yds 
Lion Brand Yarn, Fishermen’s Wool, Brown Heather (CC) – 1 skein plus about 50 yds of a second skein, ~510 yds
...although any worsted/aran weight yarn would work. And you don't have to stripe it if you don't want to.
You can find the pattern at Ravelry and LoveKnitting. No more Craftsy. They recently changed how patterns are offered on their site and I did not make the cut. 

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Gather at the Pyramid Knit Hat Pattern Review

Hi all!

It's been a while since my last video. I have a new one up today. It's a review of the Gather at the Pyramid knitted hat pattern.

You can find the free pattern here: .


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Pittsburgh Yarn Crawl, Part 2

Time for Part 2 of the yarn crawl. These were the second set of three yarn shops I visited.

Stop 4: Sewickley Yarns
Stop 1 on day 2, stop 4 in total was Sewickley Yarns in Sewickly, PA. This is a very quaint town and I wish I had more time there to explore.

The yarn shop had a lot of hand-dyed and indie dyer yarns, including several local yarns.

1 skein Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock, Bewitched colorway
1 skein Feederbrook Farm Entropy DK, Potential Energy colorway

This was probably my favorite stop, certainly the most memorable. Tonidale is in Oakdale, PA, just west of Pittsburgh. Most of the yarn at the shop is cheaper yarn, acrylic or acrylic blends. There is nothing wrong with that. Not all customers in a region are looking for $25 or more skeins of yarn. That being said, they do have higher-end brands such as Plymouth Yarn Company, Juniper Moon Farm, and Urth.

At Tonidale, I met Richard, the husband of the owner of the shop. Richard and his wife have been in business for 30 years. Richard was filling in for his wife that day. I wandered around the shop and then went to a back room where the higher-end yarn was. Richard was there having an issue with his laptop. While I was deciding what to purchase, I helped Richard with the computer issue and helped him learn something new that day. I want to be vague about what I helped him with to respect his and his wife's privacy. He was grateful for my help and I was glad I could help. :)

The next time I'm in the Pittsburgh area, this is definitely a shop I will return to. 

1 skein Juniper Moon Farm Findley Dappled (fingering), Hay colorway 
1 skein Plymouth Yarn Co. Happy Feet 100 (fingering), 207 Ice Grey colorway

Stop 6: Kid Ewe Knot
I must have spent an hour to an hour and half at this shop in Bridgeville, PA. The people there were wonderful. I wore my Woodbridge scarf into the store. Sandy, an employee there, and I started talking about it. She showed me a scarf that she had designed and gave me the pattern. (I've already started making it. I'll post here and on Instagram about it when I'm finished.) She looked up my scarf on Ravelry and I saw that someone at the shop had favorited my pattern. :D

Toward the end of my time at the shop, I talked with the owner of the shop, Heather, about my scarf, which she really liked and about things to do and eat around Pittsburgh. It was a very thorough list, which I appreciated.

Another shop I will definitely return to when I visit again.

1 skein The Fiber Seed Sprout Sock, Rock Creek colorway 
1 skein Manos Del Uruguay Alegria, Cinnamon colorway
1 skein Manos Del Uruguay Alegria, Natural colorway
A retractable measuring tape
A potato chip bag clip
A pen

Monday, November 12, 2018

Pittsburgh Yarn Crawl, Part 1

This past weekend I was in Pittsburgh for a wedding. I decided to do a two part yarn crawl around the city a couple days before the wedding. In my travels across Pittsburgh, I visited 6 yarn shops, three each day.

I enjoyed Pittsburgh a lot and will hopefully be returning in the not too distant future. Check out these yarn shops if you are in town.

Stop 1: Yarns by Design

My first stop was Yarns by Design in Oakmont, PA. It was right off the interstate so the easiest for me to get to coming into town. I liked the selection of the yarn that Yarns by Design has. I also liked their prices. They were lower than what I expected, which I liked. Although I didn't see a lot of indie dyed yarn, I did see a lot of Malabrigo, including sock, which has been difficult for me to find in Maryland.

2 skeins Malabrigo Sock, Turner colorway
1 skein Malabrigo Sock, Eggplant colorway
1 skein Madeline Tosh DK, Plaid Blanket colorway
A retractable measuring tape

While I was in Pittsburgh, I also attended Yarn by Design's knit night on Thursday. It was great meeting new people and experiencing a knit night in another state. Congratulations to Katie for finishing her five-year scarf! It looked great.
In the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, Yarns by Design is spearheading a project to make tree of life squares for blankets. You can find the knitting pattern here on Ravelry and a crocheted pattern here. The squares they have received so far are 8"x8" to 9"x9". The knitting pattern link also has their address that you can send your squares to.

Stop 2: McWalker Yarns
My second stop was McWalker Yarns in Millvale, PA. This shop is a bit smaller than Yarns by Design, but it had a larger selection of indie dyed yarn, including locally dyed yarn. One local yarn I purchased was Stitch Party, which is dyed by two women in Millvale. Other local yarn they had were Yarn Rehab from Meadowcroft Dyeworks (Pittsburgh area), Shalimar Yarns (New Market, MD), and Glenfiddich Yarn (Pennsylvania).

I was going to attend their Friday knit night, but the timing didn't work out with when a friend flew into town.

2 skeins Stitch Party Palooza (their fingering weight yarn), Market Square colorway
1 skein Shalimar Yarns Breathless (also fingering weight), Enchanted colorway

Stop 3: Dyed in the Wool
Stop number 3, and the last stop for day 1, was Dyed in the Wool. This was the smallest shop I went to, including on day 2. There was a knitting group going on when I arrived, so I didn't interact much with the staff, unlike the other shops I went to. All the yarn I purchased was local. Shalimar again and Pichinku. The story behind Pichinku, I was told, was that a woman from Pittsburgh had gone to Peru and set up a fair-trade yarn company that employs local women and uses natural dyes.

1 skein Pichinku Tawa (sport-fingering), Nube colorway
2 skeins Shalimar Yarns Aerie, Chamois colorway

 Stay tuned for Part 2!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Knit Picks Hawthorne Fingering Kettle Dye Yarn

Hi everyone!

I purchased some Knit Picks Hawthorne Kettle Dye yarn in mid-August. I made an unboxing/review video at the time, but then life got busy and I wasn't able to upload the video until now. However, by then I had completed what I made with the yarn. Watch the video below to see the yarn and what I made. 😃


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Two Pink Scarves

This Saturday, there will be a 5K walk/race by the Hurwitz Breast Cancer Fund in my town. As part of the event, the organizers requested pink scarves to be knitted, crocheted, or woven for walkers/racers who are breast cancer survivors. These are the two I made for them.

I started the pink and white one thinking I would do the interesting knot from the All Wrapped Up Infinity Scarf. The pink section is the pattern from the Pound of Love Hooded Baby Blanket. The white section is a granny square pattern from Heather's Crochet Blog. Unfortunately, I made the two sections too wide so the knot didn't work well. I just seamed the two together to make a HUGE infinity scarf. You have to wrap it around three times, but it still works well as a scarf.

The dark pink one is a fan or shell pattern that I haven't written up yet.

This brings my lifetime donation total to 689 items.