Friday, August 10, 2018

We need to talk

I posted my Woodbridge scarf on Ravelry last night. I had a promotion going where the pattern would be free for some time of my choosing. I shortened the timeframe from a few days to ending today at noon.

Since the promotion ended, I have received a good number of hateful messages on Ravelry about ending the promotion early.

This behavior from fellow Ravelers is not acceptable. It is not okay to shame or guilt a designer for what they decide to do with their pattern.

I have every right to do what I wish with a promotion I put on my own pattern. I updated every place where I had placed the promotion end date (including on the pattern's page itself). I am not responsible for forum posts that may have had the old end date and were never updated.

One more thing. This is from the Lovin' the Freebies group on Ravelry on their discussion board about temporarily free patterns. Note the highlighted part.

I'm sorry if some people who wanted my pattern missed the promotion. My pattern is still available. It just costs $4 now.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Woodbridge Scarf

My first fingering weight crocheted scarf is now available! Everyone, meet my Woodbridge Scarf.

I see so many knitted fingering weight, elongated triangle scarves that I wondered why there aren't more crocheted ones. Well, I'm trying to fill that void. This is the first of many fingering weight crocheted scarves for me. I love this one so much. I love how it turned out and how the colors go so well together.

Here are the details about the scarf:

Yarn: Fingering weight

MC (brown) - A little more than 420 yds (I ran out of my first skein [of 420 yds] halfway through the final color block)
CCA (silver) - 400 yds (minimum, depending on your gauge)
CCB (green) - 400 yds (minimum, depending on your gauge)

I specifically used Shalimar Aerie yarn in colorways Waterchestnut (brown), Chandelier (silver), and Lean on Me (green).

Hook: E (3.5 mm)

If you would like to make a Woodbridge Scarf for yourself or a special someone, here is the link to the pattern on Ravelry: 

Ravelry Woodbridge Scarf Pattern

Craftsy Woodbridge Scarf Pattern


Sunday, August 5, 2018