Sunday, August 29, 2010

Puffed Shell Stitch Scrap Yarn Blanket and Scarf

56" x 43" Afghan
Since I crochet a lot, I have a plethora of scarp yarn. When I finish a project and have so little yarn left that I can't make anything with it, I tie one end of the yarn with other scrap yarn and roll it into a ball and just keep adding to the ball. I had four rather large balls of scrap yarn until last year when I found a use for it: I made an afghan and a scarf. 

Both pieces use the same basic pattern, a puffed shell stitch, which can be found here on Lion Brand Yarn's website under the name "popcorn stitch." The scarf uses 36 ch sts in the base chain, making it about 10" wide (which is a little too wide in my opinion). I don't know how many the afghan uses because it is currently at the Maryland State Fair (it got first place in Shell Stitch Afghan, Adult Crochet). 

Overall, to change the width of the pattern, use chains in sets of 3 for the base chain.

The purple scarf doesn't use scrap yarn, of course, but it does follow the same pattern. I think this has 21 base chain sts.



  1. That's great! Nice, colourful pics too, I especially like the scrap yarn scarf - do you change the settings in Photoshop?

  2. I edit all of the pics in photoshop, but it is just cropping them and using the auto fix functions. I'm not that good with photoshop yet.

  3. I really like your scrap yarn scarf! I'm really inspired right now. :)