Saturday, November 21, 2015


So busy. Can't stay long. Today I sent off six more items for ARC, bringing the total number of items donated to 655. And in other news, I just made my 308th loan on

Donated items:
-4 hats
-1 cowl
-1 pair of mittens

Speaking of, I'd like to promote the organization a little. Watch the short video below. If you like it and want to loan on Kiva, use this link to sign up and start loaning to people around the world.


Saturday, September 26, 2015


Things are just now starting to get back to normal. Almost two months ago I had knee surgery to reconstruct a torn ACL. During in initial recovery period, I was able to send out a few things to ARC. Here they are. There will be another shipment soon. Right now, I prefer to send Jee Jee a few things in a smaller box more often over sending a lot of items in a large box a few times a year. And the next box is almost full.

-1 pair of mittens
-1 dog sweater
-1 scrap yarn scarf
-5 knitted (yes, knitted) hats

In addition to sending these items to Jee Jee, I also crocheted a mammoth and a plesiosaur for the silent auction at this year's SVP meeting in Dallas. Hopefully, they'll bring in a lot of money for SVP's educational fund. *fingers crossed*

Monday, June 15, 2015


 I'm finally getting around to writing this up, now that I injured my knee and can really only sit and hobble-walk.

This is actually a post for the second shipment of yarn items to ARC for the year. I missed the post for the first one (took the total to 630) so I'm just going to combine the two into this post.

-16 hats
-1 earwarmer
-3 pairs of mittens
-5 scarves/cowls
-2 knitted hats

Fun fact: The number of child/teen/adult hats and the number of scarves/cowls I've crocheted and donated now equal each other at 142 each.