Saturday, September 26, 2015


Things are just now starting to get back to normal. Almost two months ago I had knee surgery to reconstruct a torn ACL. During in initial recovery period, I was able to send out a few things to ARC. Here they are. There will be another shipment soon. Right now, I prefer to send Jee Jee a few things in a smaller box more often over sending a lot of items in a large box a few times a year. And the next box is almost full.

-1 pair of mittens
-1 dog sweater
-1 scrap yarn scarf
-5 knitted (yes, knitted) hats

In addition to sending these items to Jee Jee, I also crocheted a mammoth and a plesiosaur for the silent auction at this year's SVP meeting in Dallas. Hopefully, they'll bring in a lot of money for SVP's educational fund. *fingers crossed*

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