Sunday, October 6, 2019

Baby Gifts for my Friend's Baby Shower

I haven't posted anything in a while, because you know, life.

But I just finished some crocheted baby items I'm going to give to my friend at her baby shower next weekend.

Here they are:

A Newborn Sorting Hat (although I think it might fit a 3-month-old with my gauge). My friend REALLY likes Harry Potter, so I thought it would be a cool thing to make for her.

A Fox Hat and Diaper Cover for a 6-month-old. The pattern originally called for it be a bear hat, but my friend's nursery theme is woodland creatures. I know bears live in woods, but I like foxes more than bears. I changed the hat pattern a bit, because as written, the hat pattern is worked flat then seemed. I hate making hats that way.

To make the hat in the round, I make the white brim flat then seemed the two ends together to make a wide tube. I started the first row of orange around the top of the tube then joined and turned when the pattern said to only turn. The second row of orange was worked from the inside of the hat. If you choose to make this hat this way, it will be best to count your stitches as you go so that you don't stitch into the joining stitch, and therefore, increase your stitch count.

I added pointy ears instead of round ones called for in the pattern. I also added the orange snout and nose.

Sorry about the poor image quality. I took these pictures with my phone. I think I need to clean the case it's in.