Sunday, August 22, 2010

Free Patterns and Finished Projects

I thought I would upload some pictures of some of the patterns I have completed over the summer.

One Skein Bunny, Caron
A wonderful pattern. I definitely recommend trying it. It is 29" x 10" x 7". It won first place in Adult Crochet, Needle Arts in the Home Arts Department at the Howard County Fair. 

Kitten, MarmaladeRose
It is about 6" long. This pattern uses British stitch notations, not American. This means that the "dc" in the pattern is actually "sc" to an American. But a very cute pattern indeed. :3

3 Piece Baby Set
Simple Baby Set, Lion Brand Yarn (sweater only)
Booties, from Crocheted Gifts: Irresistible Projects to Make & Give (not free, unfortunately)
Hat, see Ribbed Winter Hat post

Bunny Baby Blanket, Lion Brand Yarn
It's about 24" x 18". I had to alter the pattern a little by including more rows and more chain stitches because 10 ch sts is too few to knot. Also, I recommend making the ears first and attach them to the head before starting the blanket. If the ears and the face are on the head, you can stuff it when finished and sc it shut to act as the first row of the blanket instead of attaching the head to the blanket later. Hopefully, that made sense.

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