Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Double-Crochet Ribbed Winter Hat

Last night, I decided to make a double-crochet version of my ribbed winter hat just out of curiosity for how it would turn out. In the end, I think it turned out okay. As with the single-crochet ribbed hat,  it is easy to alter the pattern to fit different sized heads. Here's the pattern if you'd like to try it:

Pattern (Adult Size):

K hook
Worsted weight yarn

1. Chain 37.
2. Dc in third ch from hook. Dc across. Ch 2. Turn.
3. Dc across in back loops only. Ch 2. Turn.
4. Repeat step 3 until you have 29 rows total. End with ch 1.
5. Fold the piece in half so that the first row is next to the last row. Slip st together each st of the first row and the last row. Ch 1 at the end.
6. Sc across the top of the piece in every row. Do not join to ch st or first sc.
7. *Sc in next 2 st, sc2tog in next st, repeat from * around until there are 12 sts left.
8. Sc2tog six times.
9. Fasten off. Weave yarn through last 6 stitches and pull tight to close the top of the hat. Weave in ends.

Roll up the bottom until it no longer covers the eyes when worn.

2 rows dc, 2 rows sc
As an alternative to strictly using double crochets, you can do two rows of double crochet (using BLO) followed by two rows of single crochet (also using BLO). Repeat this pattern until the desired length.


  1. Thanks for the pattern you Maryland Girl. That is my hometown. Born in Baltimore, raise in Linthicum, near the airport. cathy

  2. Thank you for the pattern. I made it this weekend and I love it. I've already started another hat with camoflage yarn.

  3. I'm making this hat for my brother in the redheart pumpkin color so he can be seen when hunting.

  4. why does my hat start out even and keep getting shorter as I crochet rows?

    1. Make sure you are crocheting in the last stitch on the previous row. Sometimes, this last stitch is hard to see. Try counting your stitches as you crochet and seeing where you are when you have one stitch left. Hope this helps!

  5. Just posted the hat I made with your fantastic pattern on Instagram with a link to your site! Many thanks for sharing it!