Monday, August 23, 2010

Butterfly Scarf

A couple days ago I found the Olivia's Butterfly hat pattern by Valerie Whitten. It is a very easy and simple child's hat pattern that is perfect for a young girl. However, the pattern, like the Cluster Stitch Cloche, didn't have a scarf to go with it. So again, I made my own, and here is the pattern. If you are having trouble with the stitch that goes around all of the chain rows, Mrs. Whitten has photos of that stitch in her hat pattern.

1 skein worsted weight yarn (about 250 yds)
J hook

Row 1. Chain 19.
Row 2. Dc in third ch from hook. Dc in next 2 ch sts. Ch 10. Skip 10 ch sts. Dc in third ch st from the end of row 1. Dc to the end. Ch 2. Turn.
Row 3. Dc in  next 3 dc sts. Ch 10. Sk 10 ch sts (from row 2). Dc in next dc and to end. Ch 2. Turn.
Row 4 and 5. Repeat Row 3.
Row 6. Dc in next 3 dc sts. Dc in first 4 ch sts. Dc over and around all ch 10 rows by bunching the rows together. Sk 1 ch st. Dc in last 5 ch sts. Dc to end. Ch 2. Turn.
Row 7. Dc in each dc across. Ch 2. Turn.
Repeat Row 7 until scarf is 2 inches less than desired length.

Row 1. Dc in first 3 dc sts. Ch 10. Sk next 10 dc sts. Dc in last 3 dc sts. Ch 2. Turn.
Row 2. Dc in first 3 dc sts. Ch 10. Sk next 10 ch sts. Dc in last 3 dc sts. Ch 2. Turn.
Row 3. Repeat Row 2.
Row 4. Dc in first 3 dc sts. Ch 10. Sk next 10 ch sts. Dc in last 3 dc sts. Ch 1. Turn.
Row 5. Sc in first 3 dc sts. Ch 5. Sc in 5th dc st of skipped dc sts from last row before Finishing rows, going around and bunching together all of the ch rows. Ch 5. Sc in next dc st and to end.
Finish off.


  1. Thanks for doing this!!! I just found and made the Olivia's Butterfly hat last night for my granddaughter. I want to make her a scarf too and was wondering what I would do. Can't wait to get started on it!!

  2. Love this can't wait to finish it :(

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  4. Wanda MucciaccioMay 11, 2013 at 1:57 PM

    Would so much like to make this for my niece Mindy who happens to love butterflies. My question is do you go into the ch 2 turn on the next row going down or do you just ch.2 and turn, I'm confused. Can you help me please? It looks easy enough to do but it's not coming out right. Have a good day , and thank you for sharing your pattern. It really caught my eye for my niece. Thank you. 5-11-13

    1. I'm not quite certain I understand your question. When you finish one row and are at the end, you chain two, turn the work over to the other side, and begin crocheting the next row. Hopefully this helps!

  5. So, it is ok to make the scarf and gift it to someone, correct? You just cannot profit from the pattern. Am I correct on this? I'm not quite sure why you would write patterns and not allow the finished product to be sold. I am just curious as to why? Just would like to understand. Thanks.

    1. It's okay to give it as a gift. The part about not selling the final product stems from a pattern I used to have on here for free. I recently put it up on Ravelry for purchase. The pattern was for a beard. At the time that I made it, that fad was in its prime. I didn't want people selling it, especially without saying that the pattern came from me. But I found some people doing just that on Etsy so I took the pattern down. And in my anger I wrote the line about not selling the finished product on all of my patterns.