Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Pittsburgh Yarn Crawl, Part 2

Time for Part 2 of the yarn crawl. These were the second set of three yarn shops I visited.

Stop 4: Sewickley Yarns
Stop 1 on day 2, stop 4 in total was Sewickley Yarns in Sewickly, PA. This is a very quaint town and I wish I had more time there to explore.

The yarn shop had a lot of hand-dyed and indie dyer yarns, including several local yarns.

1 skein Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock, Bewitched colorway
1 skein Feederbrook Farm Entropy DK, Potential Energy colorway

This was probably my favorite stop, certainly the most memorable. Tonidale is in Oakdale, PA, just west of Pittsburgh. Most of the yarn at the shop is cheaper yarn, acrylic or acrylic blends. There is nothing wrong with that. Not all customers in a region are looking for $25 or more skeins of yarn. That being said, they do have higher-end brands such as Plymouth Yarn Company, Juniper Moon Farm, and Urth.

At Tonidale, I met Richard, the husband of the owner of the shop. Richard and his wife have been in business for 30 years. Richard was filling in for his wife that day. I wandered around the shop and then went to a back room where the higher-end yarn was. Richard was there having an issue with his laptop. While I was deciding what to purchase, I helped Richard with the computer issue and helped him learn something new that day. I want to be vague about what I helped him with to respect his and his wife's privacy. He was grateful for my help and I was glad I could help. :)

The next time I'm in the Pittsburgh area, this is definitely a shop I will return to. 

1 skein Juniper Moon Farm Findley Dappled (fingering), Hay colorway 
1 skein Plymouth Yarn Co. Happy Feet 100 (fingering), 207 Ice Grey colorway

Stop 6: Kid Ewe Knot
I must have spent an hour to an hour and half at this shop in Bridgeville, PA. The people there were wonderful. I wore my Woodbridge scarf into the store. Sandy, an employee there, and I started talking about it. She showed me a scarf that she had designed and gave me the pattern. (I've already started making it. I'll post here and on Instagram about it when I'm finished.) She looked up my scarf on Ravelry and I saw that someone at the shop had favorited my pattern. :D

Toward the end of my time at the shop, I talked with the owner of the shop, Heather, about my scarf, which she really liked and about things to do and eat around Pittsburgh. It was a very thorough list, which I appreciated.

Another shop I will definitely return to when I visit again.

1 skein The Fiber Seed Sprout Sock, Rock Creek colorway 
1 skein Manos Del Uruguay Alegria, Cinnamon colorway
1 skein Manos Del Uruguay Alegria, Natural colorway
A retractable measuring tape
A potato chip bag clip
A pen

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