Saturday, February 9, 2013


Old Ellicott City
During winter break, I went home for a month. It felt so good to see Maryland, my Maryland again. Walking the hills of Old Ellicott City and Oella, it seemed that I had never left, their 300 years of life still soldiering on after a flood and a train derailment since my departure. Also, while I was home, I crocheted, having not had the chance to do so since arriving in Texas. Below are the items I donated to ARC in December and January, bringing my total to 425 items donated since 2009.

Items donated:
-2 hats
-7 earwarmers

-2 pairs of adult mittens
-1 pair of child mittens
-2 pairs of socks (pictured twice)
-13 scarves (includes 3 cowls)


  1. In winter when temperature is very cold then I use gloves, sweater, jeans pant etc. Because I can not tolerate the cold weather.

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