Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2 Shy of 400

So I'm now in Austin, Texas, getting ready for graduate school to start. Moving 1500 miles from my home, I was limited by what I could fit into my car. Unfortunately, that meant that I had to use up my entire stash of yarn before I left, which is mostly in these blankets (they each use 3 strings of yarn at one time). With these items that I'm donating to ARC, I am now 2 items shy of 400 items donated. 

-15 pairs of socks
-3 pairs of booties
-1 cat bed
-5 cat/dog mats

-5 baby blankets



  1. Welcome to Texas! Sorry to hear you had to use up all your stash before moving but it looks like it is going for a great cause.

  2. I was wondering if I could get a pattern from you. I am unable to find it. The beard is the perfect gift for my father for Christmas. Please let me know if there is some way to reach you.


    1. Please read: .

  3. congrats on your move to texas, hope that the move went well and that graduate school is going well. amazing that you could complete all of the beautiful projects before the move and that you donated these beautiful items. I love the mittens-- is this your own pattern, or could you possibly share the link? They look so warm and would be great mittens for the cold midwest US. :)

    1. The mittens are from You need an account to access the patterns, but it is just a name, an email, and a password; and all of the patterns are free. Here is the pattern: It is quite a simple pattern and enjoyable to make. I especially like making the child's size using super bulky yarn so that it becomes an adult size mitten. I also like making that size using bulky yarn to make a smaller adult size mitten.