Sunday, February 5, 2012

324 Donated Items!!

Life has been busy lately, with finishing graduate applications and the last fall semester of my undergraduate career not to mention the massive holiday rush on etsy. But since that has calmed down, I've had a bit of time to do some charity crocheting. Here are the spoils of my labor of love.

But I'd like to say some more things. One: If you are a bit of a math nerd (no shame in that :3) and tallied my donations from this and the last post, you'll find that it comes to 323. I converted my paper tally of my donations into an excel one and in doing so, discovered that my donations were actually 324. So I basically discovered that I can't count. All my 5s on the calc and stat AP exams and calc III in college have failed me. *hangs head*

Two: Crocheting for the next several months may be difficult given the amount of work I put on myself for this last spring semester. *sad panda*

Donated Items:
-1 baby blanket (the white one since in previous pictures)
-4 bibs
-3 earwarmers
-1 cat bed and cat mat
-2 stuffed animals
-7 pairs of mittens
-1 pair of booties
-4 scarves
-13 hats
-6 10" x 10" squares for a blanket

Also seen here are the four items my mom donated to ARC.