Sunday, August 28, 2011

Surviving the Hurricane

So last night was an interesting night. The wind was howling and my heart was racing every time I heard even the slightest knock against the house. At around 10:30pm, I saw a flash of light and heard was sounded like a firecracker exploding - a transformer blowing, I presumed. I still had power, but the entire other side of the road didn't. Such strange power wiring in Maryland. 

As the night creeped on, I thought that I might actually keep the power all through the storm, which would be a first. Unfortunately, this was not to be. At 2:30am, the power went out. It is actually quite frightening when you can't see anything, the wind screaming by and the trees all around your house straining to remain rooted. Eventually, the tendrils of sleep took hold, but only for a few hours. 

At morning's light, I surveyed the damage. Four large tree limbs had collapsed on top of one another in my backyard. One punctured the lining of my pond and two brought down the phone and cable wires that run to my house. Who knows when I will have my power restored, much less my phone and television. Based on previous power outages, I'm betting on three days for the power and two or more weeks for the phone and cable. 

What crazy times Maryland is having...

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