Sunday, September 12, 2010

Life Funds for North Korean Refugees through ARC of Washingtion, D.C

In the past, I have donated crocheted items to charities that helped people around the world. Recently, I found another one, this time one that helps people who have escaped the oppression and starvation of North Korea.

Started by Jee Jee Kim, an alum of George Washington University, ARC (Awareness, Respect, and Compassion) collects donations of knitted and crocheted winter clothing for people of all ages. These items are sent to Life Funds for North Korean Refugees, a Japanese organization that helps the people who have escaped from the communist state.

Donated September 2010
Items Donated:
   -1 Baby
   -3 Child
   -4 Adult
   -2 Child
   -1 Adult
   -1 Child
   -1 Adult
1 Baby Sweater
1 Pair of Baby Booties 


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